Gallagher’s Bucket List

July11, 2015
by lgall

Gallagher’s Bucket List

To Leave the World a Better Place … Gallagher’s Bucket list contact wish list … or Who he’d like to talk to about his great ideas before he dies again.

Brad Pitt – Family Reunion Buildings
George Clooney – movies for JLo and Beyonce’ set in New York
Tom Hanks – Family Reunion reality show
Ryan Seacrest – “The World on a String” an annual HBO special. With musical director – Harry Connick Jr. …Choreographer – Derek Hough …Stringed Musicians from the far corners of the Earth rock out? An apolitical harmonious world-wide get-together for a change.
Bill Clinton – Family Reunions & Enheduanna presidential campaign tie-in
Jimmy Carter – Family Reunion buildings, Habitat for Humanity tie-in
NBA or NFL – Family Reunion Centers as wholesome businesses for millionaire players to own instead of bars for a better league image.
Kris Kardashian – high heels for little girls, singing fashion shows
Tech Crunch – software for slot machine on mobile devices
HBO – “the World on a String” annual get together
Google – 1. family reunion buildings 2. the Archives 3.Family wreath-making web-site 4. Software for Online Slots
Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer – 1. software for Online Slots 2. Democratic Investment Clubs
Amazon Jeff Bezos – software for online gaming to beat AOL and Yahoo to these online eyeballs
Microsoft Bill&Malinda Gates foundation -1. Sub-Atomic Particles – cartoon education 2. Duck poem – eating right promo for kids 3. King Arthuritus – more cartoon help fighting child obesity
Oracle’s Larry Ellison – software for online gaming
Under Armour – inflated ski clothing line
Disney – everything
Universal – everything

Gallagher’s Bucket List
1. Slot Machine Software #7972210 = patent number
2. Adding Audience Dancing to a Broadway musical play & selling dance wear in the lobby & at dance clubs. “The Next Step” = show title …same-sex dancing contest plot
“Flamboyant” = clothing line for bi-sexual dancewear …”Uppities”= brand name of fold up and down 3 1/2″ high heels
3. Inflated ski clothing = provides lift, warmth, and protection in wipe-outs
4. Singing fashion shows = models sing how they feel in the design …includes my original song “Only Clothes”
5. Just Like Mommy’s = children’s high heels shoe line (pics available)
6. Family Reunion Centers = patented new space for 40 family or club members to live together for a few days …includes Quiz Show
7. Spaghetti’s Ready = franchise opportunity for fun strip mall restaurants kids will love
8. Fallen Heroes Wreath – making Memorial Day family project = Choose a military hero from a detailed personal description web – site …Make a one-of-a-kind tribute to our one-of-a-kind patriots
9. The Archives – web -site memorializing the wisdom of grandparents for all to profit from online in posted video vignettes you shoot of your “grand” grandparent
10. Duck poem = children’s book or youtube. Sticker Reward program for kindergardener’s to want to eat balanced meals . I have 4 more 8-minute poems already written teaching other lessons in a fun story. Example = a butterfly being arrested for what she did as a caterpillar. “But I’ve changed !”
11. King Arthuritus and the Knights of the Vegetable = teaching older kids about food choices and eating right with the magic of Merlin. Licensing
12. The Sub-Atomic Particles = a licensing opportunity for characters representing the Photon, Electron, Up Quark, Down Quark, & Neutrino. Education + Entertainment combines Atomic Energy Commission / Dept. Of Education for funding or PBS foundations
13. C.L.A.W. Cosmic League of Animal Wrestlers = comic book or cartoon property.
Protecting our planet Earth from space and fighting other life forms in a floating wrestling ring. All animal characters have a claw. Bear Wolf Crab Eagle
14. Enheduanna – movie for Beyonce’. The first woman author/princess in ancient Iraq. Cut to modern Manhattan anti- drug story. Parallel plot lines.They both go into Hell and must be rescued from the Devil’s grasp. Treatment available in verse form as script for music video.
15. Miss Puerto Rico – movie for JLo. A Fashion know-it-all with “the” beauty shop in Puerto Rico convinces “the powers that be” to have the local Miss Universe contest in New York where she turns the town upside down cajoling, vamping and acquiring the latest designs for “her girls” plus the publicity they’ll get so more than the winning girl gets something out of the pageant. Oh yah, and her half-brother, she’s never met but saw on FB, lives there but she has promised her mother she won’t blow up their Catholic lives by showing up. And oh yah, the girls take JLo’s publicity idea one step further on their own and underdress their designer gowns with a designer piece “just for them” to sell and share in the profits after the whole world sees them when they take their gowns off on stage on camera. Lights, cameras, strip !
16. Democratic Investment Clubs = fun web-site idea for Wall Street type. Members vote on what stocks their club buys & sells. Great for adding internet traffic to A platform like Aol or Yahoo.
17. Dam the Bay of California = how to save all the Colorado fresh water and add thousands of square miles of new farmable land to Mexico.
18. Helicopters to clear freeways = making cities “livable”, see video lifting car quickly relieving congestion. No living or business is accomplished sitting in a jam.
19. The National Anthem translated and sung in Spanish at Stadiums before games with predominantly Latin players. My translation and rendition is finished.
20. Women Only Enterprise Zone = job opportunities free of men in the Middle East and Africa. Giving women who feel trapped and want to walk out, a place to walk to, and a way to get by in life on their own.
21. Indian Reservation Gun-free sub-division & shopping center. Park outside the guard – gated walls. Trolleys take you to your homes and stores. Native-American Indians make their own rules on their land so U.S. Constitutional amendments don’t apply !
22. Fort Furniture = family room couch, chair, and coffee table sets that easily break down into play forts for the kids. Space Station …Pioneer Fort …Castle.
23. Amusement Park for Dogs = mechanized ways of driving dogs crazy …making them run …and wearing themselves out. Chasing robot squirrels on top of a fence. Running up on a flock of birds making the scatter in the air on wires. Retrieving balls from a pitching machine.
24. Wishing Eggs = a decorated egg for the bedroom bureau where loved ones can leave a suggestion for the other to change something without starting a face to face argument you’ll both be sorry about.
When her teapot’s about to steam. And she’s hoppin’ around like a wash in’ machine.
And you know you’re about to get kicked off her team. Before she inhales for her final scream. Give her this Wishing Egg, for all her dreams. For her problems, complaints, her hopes and schemes. Show her you’re the one, her perfect match. You’ll check the Egg, undo the latch. And read about the itch she has, you need to scratch.Before love’s bubble bursts, you’ll put a patch. Remember, you’re so lucky. She’s such a catch. Do you want to go back to being unattached?Then open the Wishing Egg, and let happiness hatch.