Obama’s Final Thoughts

December10, 2015
by lgall

I know they just call it the Presidency
But I thought ..the office ..was really ..KING.
Aren’t I THE Commander ..and THE Chief ?
Doesn’t the buck stop here ..in MY residency
Where they hang ..the really big beefs
And the evening news ..expects ME ..to fix ..EVERYTHING !!

“Off with their heads !!”
That’s what I keep wishing ..I’d said.
But I pitch ..a big ‘ole ..P.C. ..Democratic tent.
So I’ve had to put up ..with all kinds of guff
And go with the darn flow …wherever it went.
I dug the POMP ..but not the CIRCUMSTANCE ..or the hassle.
You know a nut shot ..and then got ..right into this castle ?

It’s called the Whitehouse ..because it’s not the Whitehome.
So somebody better tell ..the Trump-a-lumpa
When he gets to the end …of the American’s ..yelling brick road
And expects ..their crown and scepter
And ..of course ..Trumpets ..when he gets there ..and accepts their nuclear codes.
There’ll be a throne room ..for his rumpa ..the Grand Bumpa.
And when he sits there ..he’ll see ..there’ll be ..a hole ..on top of the throne.